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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mittens and a surprise box (Happy Thanksgiving)

Today I decided to make Barbie a pair of mittens found some Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn in my stash. I think they came out quite nicely!
So sitting here filling out applications and feeling a bit sorry for myself. (I shouldn't I am blessed with wonderful friends and a roof over my head) Times are tough for all right now, not enough jobs to go around and struggling to keep ends met. Any way the post lady came and I got this wonderful surprise box.
(I do have some just wonderful friends who spoil me) One of my dearest friends Jill in Brooklyn sent me this box with the softest fiber and a spindle and some very soft yarn. Thanks Jill you made my day!!!! I am thankful for my God, My faith, My dear husband and all my children and my sisters and brother, My in laws who treat me like I am part of the family and all the rest of my husbands family, my country, All of my dear Friends, a roof over my head and all the convinces of living in this century!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Barbie's socks I knitted and some yarn I dyed

Somehow Barbie's feet grew by bounds and leaps and I didn't have the funds to get her more at that point. So I decided to knit her some. These are the results! We have gotten her more store socks but I think I will be knitting socks for a while now as she loves the handknit ones. Also I got a sweater from Good Will yesterday it was 100% lambs wool and a light muted blue so I unraveled it and dyed it this is the result of one skien I ened up with 4 skiens.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Barbie is in the witch costume and her best friend Unique is in the bee costume. We had a wonderful Halloween, Barbie raking in the candy. Most of which she will give away as she always ends up doing and I love that fact. We had a trunk or treat in our community held by our church and they served us hot cocoa, then we hit a few houses here. It was very enjoyable And here is a picture of her pumpkin she carved too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The green socks are about done and they are done in wool ease by lion brand. Barbie needed some sleeping socks to keep her feet warm at night

This pair of socks were knit for my friend Nikki for just being her. She is the sweetest person and works very hard every day for her family. She has been beyond kind to me. Thanks Nikki I started out with some recycled light green worsted lambs wool yarn dyed it purple and then unplyed it to get a skinnier yarn. It was a labor of love. In case this wording (as I cant predict how blogger does this) is for the purple socks that by the way are on Nikki's feet in the picture.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Sweater

Here is the newest sweater I have made for my darling newest grandaughter Harmoney. I took apart a Goodwill sweater and unraveled the yarn then dyed it pinks. Then I knitted up this little sweater. I have it all packaged up and ready to go out in tommarrow's mail so I hope she loves it and it fits. If you would like to make this sweater here is the link (you may have to cut and paste)
OH and there is a little hat there too!
Had to add that this is a zip up the back sweater! I had one when my Daniel was small and I loved it!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yarn Giveaway

Check it out here Wool Yarn giveaway ends 10-31 http://bit.ly/1Domoj

Monday, October 12, 2009

Today My sweet sweet Amanda sent me this picture. Love you Amanda! Thanks

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitted hat for Evan

I totally enjoyed making this hat. I still have problems with the short rows and counting so you can see a few imperfections. I am sure my little Evan (my handsome little grandson) will not mind or even notice for that matter. I am hopeful that it fits his head and will have more pictures to post later hopefully with him wearing it. The front view is the correct color not sure why the top view turned out different. Thanks for allowing me to share and your comments. here is the link to the pattern I used thank you Kathryn Ivy!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spinning gifts!

I am tickled pink! Daniel (my oldest son) and Amanda his girlfriend, Went to a fair in Seattle somewhere. They found some sheep sheering and thought of me! So they called me and asked if I would spin up some yarn for Amanda and Cecilia and knit them matching scarfs. I am so thrilled that they thought of me. They sent the package off the darker wool is for there scarfs. The lighter stuff is for me and what I think I want to do is dye it blue or maybe half of it blue and leave half white and then ply them together and make me gloves for winter. And the best part I got pictures of my grandbabies!!! They also sent me a nice card and a starbucks gift card. I am so so pleased. Thanks Kids you made my wk!!!

I needed a new wallet

So I made one! The wallet I had was way to big for my purse and made it hard to find anything in it. So I looked and looked online for a wallet for just credit cards or that type. As I have a bunch of cards about that size. Not exactly credit cards but like store cards, gift cards (Thanks Dan and Amanda for the Starbucks card!) And then I made this. I just made it up as I went making sure I had room for all my cards and such. Let me know what you think!!

Fantastic Trade!

I know a lady online (Desiree) who makes Super Cool, Unique Quilted Handbags, here is the link to her store http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5760490
She made the above bag. I wanted a bag so badly and couldn't afford one and she had made one for my daughter for a gift (she is a sweetie) So anyway I thought maybe she would like to trade for one of my spindles! And she did!!! Here are the pictures of what we traded!!! OK OK I borrowed the pictures from her blog!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marissa's Kitty hat

This little hat has a story: I was making the pumpkin hat (see post a couple below this) for my grand daughter. I wanted to try it on a child about her age to see if it fit. Light bulb moment, The little girl next door "Marisa who is 2" she would make a perfect tester. Well the hat fit her so it was all good. Then she looked up at me and said thank you. OPPS Now I had another hat to make. I carefully told her I had made that hat for my Grand daughter but would she like one like it or something else? She said Hello Kitty. So here is her hat and her beautiful little face!!!
I need to add that I found this pattern online at this blog: http://beadwhore.blogspot.com/2007/10/hello-kitty-hat.html Beadwhore Knitting is the name of the blog. She is quite interesting!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My dogs

I just had to share a picture of my Babies. Angus is the last picture, he came into our home a few months ago. He is a full size doxie and I simply love him. He is a wonderful dog! Lilly is our mini doxie she has been part of our life for about a year now. She is my baby! Angus is abut 10 months old and Lilly about a year and a half.

More knitting for my Great Niece

Another knitting project done! This sweater was a joy to make!!! First picture is of the sweater completed. I love the color! The seconed picture is my Beautiful Niece and my adorable great Niece, wearing her sweater! I'm so happy they both loved it!!!

Knitting for my Beautiful Grand daughter!

Cecilla is my Grand daughter who lives in Washington state, I live in Indiana. So needless to say I miss her dearly and love her! I wanted to make her a hat and a little birdie told me her pet name (by her grandfather on her moms side) calls her pumpkin, so the hat idea came about. I wanted her to feel the love and warmth of her Grandmothers love so I spun this yarn up, and knitted her up this hat! Her Mom and Dad (Amanda and Daniel) sent me the pictures of her wearing it, this brings joy to my heart!!! Thanks Kids!!! Thank you Cecilla for loving your hat!!! By the way That is her Dad (my son Dainel) Isent he handsome! In the seconed picture with her!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Vacation

Ok this is long long over due since we have been back home since July. Life has a way of getting away with you. We had such a wonderful time, words can not describe how wonderful it all was. To begin with my sisters have this wonderful house that they so graciously shared with us. My sister Pat would not let me lift a finger to do a thing. I was so rested when I returned home. And spoiled!!! My sister Brenda drove us around to various places and we had such wonderful times sitting on her beautiful balcony just chatting and enjoying each others company. They showered us (Barbie and I) with gifts and love. We got to spend time with my Sister Bea, her kids Rachael and Dawn and there beautiful children Olivia and Hannah. Bea took us to the beach (a real beach where there are ocean waves ect...) It was wonderful to see Barbie have such a wonderful time in the ocean. My Long time friend Lori and her daughter Elizabeth joined us at the beach and while Barbie and Elizabeth boggy boarded the waves and Lori watched the kids I got away with Bea and we shopped the shops on Ocean Beach. Rachael took the time to stop and go into a crowded restaurant and buy me this wondrous taco that had shrimp and lobster. Man was that good. Thanks Rachael!!! We went to a pool party for Olivia's birthday at her Grandma's house where they have a pool. Donna (Olivia's grandma) was so gracious she found out Barbie's birthday was close to Olivia's and included Barbie in the celebration with gifts and half the cake was hers too!!! Thanks Donna for such a wonderful time. Then Bea and I a few days later shopped the thrift stores. Brenda and Pat took us to a Padres game where Barbie got a free hat and was in heaven with watching the ball game. There stadium is awesome there!!! Then they took us to Sea World where the day went way to fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. Pat took us on the bus to The San Diego Zoo. Barbie had a ball there. Too much to see in such little time but what we did see was well worth it. We also had a pool get together at Bea's house where we had a cook out right at the pool. And Bea made us a spaghetti dinner at her house on Barbie's birthday and bought her this tiny cake, it was Devinne. I know I have forgotten a few things to mention but it was so wonderful and all crammed in 2 wks that I will remember it later and sit back and say to myself how come I didn't mention that it was so much fun!!! LOL Thank you Brenda and Pat and Bea for such a wonderful Vacation. OH and we did get to spend a day with Lori and her kids, I miss you so so much Lori! WE have been friends for years. She had a cook out for us and her I and Barbie went for a swim in her pool. Its so refreshing to spend time with a long time friend I miss so much!!! God Bless you all and thank you a million times over for such a wonderful Vacation!!!! OK here are some pic too/