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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Vacation

Ok this is long long over due since we have been back home since July. Life has a way of getting away with you. We had such a wonderful time, words can not describe how wonderful it all was. To begin with my sisters have this wonderful house that they so graciously shared with us. My sister Pat would not let me lift a finger to do a thing. I was so rested when I returned home. And spoiled!!! My sister Brenda drove us around to various places and we had such wonderful times sitting on her beautiful balcony just chatting and enjoying each others company. They showered us (Barbie and I) with gifts and love. We got to spend time with my Sister Bea, her kids Rachael and Dawn and there beautiful children Olivia and Hannah. Bea took us to the beach (a real beach where there are ocean waves ect...) It was wonderful to see Barbie have such a wonderful time in the ocean. My Long time friend Lori and her daughter Elizabeth joined us at the beach and while Barbie and Elizabeth boggy boarded the waves and Lori watched the kids I got away with Bea and we shopped the shops on Ocean Beach. Rachael took the time to stop and go into a crowded restaurant and buy me this wondrous taco that had shrimp and lobster. Man was that good. Thanks Rachael!!! We went to a pool party for Olivia's birthday at her Grandma's house where they have a pool. Donna (Olivia's grandma) was so gracious she found out Barbie's birthday was close to Olivia's and included Barbie in the celebration with gifts and half the cake was hers too!!! Thanks Donna for such a wonderful time. Then Bea and I a few days later shopped the thrift stores. Brenda and Pat took us to a Padres game where Barbie got a free hat and was in heaven with watching the ball game. There stadium is awesome there!!! Then they took us to Sea World where the day went way to fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. Pat took us on the bus to The San Diego Zoo. Barbie had a ball there. Too much to see in such little time but what we did see was well worth it. We also had a pool get together at Bea's house where we had a cook out right at the pool. And Bea made us a spaghetti dinner at her house on Barbie's birthday and bought her this tiny cake, it was Devinne. I know I have forgotten a few things to mention but it was so wonderful and all crammed in 2 wks that I will remember it later and sit back and say to myself how come I didn't mention that it was so much fun!!! LOL Thank you Brenda and Pat and Bea for such a wonderful Vacation. OH and we did get to spend a day with Lori and her kids, I miss you so so much Lori! WE have been friends for years. She had a cook out for us and her I and Barbie went for a swim in her pool. Its so refreshing to spend time with a long time friend I miss so much!!! God Bless you all and thank you a million times over for such a wonderful Vacation!!!! OK here are some pic too/


my7kids said...

What a great vacation! So glad you had such a good time! Terrific pics, sharing your fun with us! Thanks!

Rissa said...

Looks like you all had a smashing good time. Glad you had the chance to take a nice vacation.