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Sunday, September 27, 2009

My dogs

I just had to share a picture of my Babies. Angus is the last picture, he came into our home a few months ago. He is a full size doxie and I simply love him. He is a wonderful dog! Lilly is our mini doxie she has been part of our life for about a year now. She is my baby! Angus is abut 10 months old and Lilly about a year and a half.

More knitting for my Great Niece

Another knitting project done! This sweater was a joy to make!!! First picture is of the sweater completed. I love the color! The seconed picture is my Beautiful Niece and my adorable great Niece, wearing her sweater! I'm so happy they both loved it!!!

Knitting for my Beautiful Grand daughter!

Cecilla is my Grand daughter who lives in Washington state, I live in Indiana. So needless to say I miss her dearly and love her! I wanted to make her a hat and a little birdie told me her pet name (by her grandfather on her moms side) calls her pumpkin, so the hat idea came about. I wanted her to feel the love and warmth of her Grandmothers love so I spun this yarn up, and knitted her up this hat! Her Mom and Dad (Amanda and Daniel) sent me the pictures of her wearing it, this brings joy to my heart!!! Thanks Kids!!! Thank you Cecilla for loving your hat!!! By the way That is her Dad (my son Dainel) Isent he handsome! In the seconed picture with her!