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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mittens and a surprise box (Happy Thanksgiving)

Today I decided to make Barbie a pair of mittens found some Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn in my stash. I think they came out quite nicely!
So sitting here filling out applications and feeling a bit sorry for myself. (I shouldn't I am blessed with wonderful friends and a roof over my head) Times are tough for all right now, not enough jobs to go around and struggling to keep ends met. Any way the post lady came and I got this wonderful surprise box.
(I do have some just wonderful friends who spoil me) One of my dearest friends Jill in Brooklyn sent me this box with the softest fiber and a spindle and some very soft yarn. Thanks Jill you made my day!!!! I am thankful for my God, My faith, My dear husband and all my children and my sisters and brother, My in laws who treat me like I am part of the family and all the rest of my husbands family, my country, All of my dear Friends, a roof over my head and all the convinces of living in this century!!!


atlaw said...

The mittens are great! I'm so glad you like the fiber and yarn. Have fun with it!

Patt said...

So what did you do with all the wool and spindle you got???
Update your blog with some photos please!!
my contest will be coming real soon.
Hugs Patt