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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my gifts and a monkey

My eldest daughter Colleen came to vist us for 5 wonderful short days! We had a great time. She arrived on Thursday morning. Waisting no time we went shopping at Cost Co where she spoiled me and took care of me getting me vitimins. LOL She filled my gas tank and laughed at me as I squealed with wonder when the tank hit full and over. Silly me! The seconed day was Halloween, so we took it easy and then took Barbie trick or treating. Saturday was another full day of eating out and that evening I drove Barbie and Colleen to a haunted corn field. Barbie cried all the way through it and was very scared. We learned not to do that again. Was a bit dissapointing for Colleen but we had no idea. Sunday was Church and then out to eat at this wonderful restruant we found. Oh for got to mention on Saturday we went to the park and played then found a garage sale and she bought me the christmas fabric and pompoms. Monday we went to BarnsandKnoble and she got The cute book and the Shack. Love the books! Sadly Monday night was time for her to fly home. Barbie cried all the way home from the airport. She will return and I totally enjoyed her visit. Today I had to make a item from my The cute book so that is where the monkey comes in.

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