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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Stuff!!!

Today was a glorious mail day! Two stories go with the two pictures
The single skein is a thank you gift from Nikki from http://my7kids.etsy.com. I was reading her blog (http://Mysevenkids.blogspot.com)
She also sent me a sample of her handmade soap Peaches n cream. Ok so back to reading her blog. I can't imange having that many kids at home at once. Along with all them kids, she knits, spins, finds the yarn and takes apart old sweaters and resells them. She is awesome in my book. This was my thoughts while reading her blog. So I decided that since I make spindles and she is just beginning spinning, I should send her a spindle. I made her one of my wagon wheel spindles, then added to the package another spindle I had, a donut pincushion, some sample fibers, and some of my homespun. I hope she loves it all.
Now the pic with all the yarn. (30 skeins) Man this lady is generous or what? One of my groups I'm in. (mittens for akkol) She had posted she had some eyelash type yarn that she would give anyone who had 5 dollars for shipping. Of coarse I jumped on it as my sister just learned to knit and loves the stuff for scarves. I sent her the 5 dollars for shipping and she had emailed me back saying she had more did I want more. I sent her a email back thanking her and saying I was sorry but money was tight. She promptly emailed me back and said no prob she would send me a bunch anyway. Then she saw my pumpkin on the blog here and wanted to know if I would be willing to sell her one. I emailed her back and told her I would send her one no charge as a thank you!!! Her name is Kathleen by the way.

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my7kids said...

Marion, I got the spindles, fiber and donut pincushion (my baby Betsy decided right away it was HERS, LoL) and I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much! That lil' ol' skein of yarn is nowhere near enough thanks. God Bless YOU!!