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Sunday, November 30, 2008

More felt toys

These seem like they took forever, although I guess not really, My hands are now freezing in place so good thing im done. These are for my nieces who are 1 and 2 (yes I said that in my last post) I missed one of there birthdays so this is really a birthday present. I don't think i will get any christmas gift done this year (well for Barbie I want to make a few dresses for her bitty baby and the American girl doll my oldest daughter is giving her) Other than that I have a feeling my hands or shoulders (who ache beyound words) wont allow much more. Hopefully my Dr will do something more for this pain! I did modify the pattern as they called for letters on the soup can, and everything was supposed to be glued but it was for younger children so I figured the sewing would be a better idea. All of it with the exception of the milk carton, was from a pattern. The milk carton I winged or faked it and it came out pretty much to my likeing. I had memories of doing embrodery in the 70's when I decided my jeans had to be decorated with embrodery. Was a good memory! God Bless Marion

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