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Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Presents

This is how the cake looked after traveling in the mail from TN to Indiana. Wow!
Tomorrow is my Birthday! I will be 53 years young! Today in the mail this box came. Inside this box from Tennessee came via the US Mail. Inside it was most of a cake and 2 skeins of this beautiful red yarn I have been eyeballing for wk! This is all from my Online friend Nikki aka My 7 Kids online. Nikki this was such a heartwarming thing to do! Thank you and my birthday this year has been the best ever!!! Your such a sweet heart. Love you girl! If you ever are in need of some awesome recycled yarn check out Nikki's shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/my7kids

My sisters Pat and Brenda sent me this set of Denise Knitting needles! A perfect gift ! Thanks Pat and Brenda your the best sisters ever. I LOVE YOU BOTH!

So as you can see even though its a day before my Birthday I feel so special!! I don't expect anything tommarrow but we will see.

Oh and I have recived 2 cards from my dishcloth group too! What sweet ladies! To remember me. Thanks All!

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yoel said...

Happy birthday!