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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet another BD gift and some Knitting

Today I dyed some yarn it was a dark pink now a red not quite as bright as this picture as my Durango is charcoal gray and it looks almost blue in this picture. This yarn has a plan will be a hat striped with black and purple for a child in Russia in a orphanage. I joined a group last year and we knit for 16 yr old that are about to go into the world and it gets 40 below 0 in the winter. We knit for each child-1 sweater-1 hat-1 set of mittens-1 scarf-2 pair of socks. If you would like to join just look in Yahoo groups Mittens_for_AKKOL Its a wonderful group. These Mittens are for the same group! The boys have large hands for sure !

I made 2 sets for this child so he can wear double!

And a Hat to match. Was knit looking like a sausage at first then you bring both ends together and its a double hat!!! All Wool so warm in that 40 below zero weather.

These socks are for a girl in the orphanage. Thin socks we call them. Each child picks the colors they want.

Another child picked shades of blue and my dyeing isn't that good yet (my colors split a bit) so they have a touch of purple but the boys seem to like the purple so it will be OK!

And last but NEVER Least! My Birthday gift that arrived today. I have made friends with a wonderful family through my Etsy shop. Desiree is one of the daughters of the lady who I originally met. She makes the most perfect quilts and quilted bags here:http://www.etsy.com/shop/Hamncheezr And her mom who I met first sells recycled yarn and hubby sells soap kids do woodwork and spinning batts! If you go to her shop you can find all her links!
Any way Desiree sent me this beautiful Alpaca and koolaid for dyeing. I love the gray color alone so will use the koolaid for other dyeing jobs. Thanks Desiree so so much. (her mom is the one that sent me the cake in the mail and the beautiful red yarn from her shop for my BD too!!! So wonderful to have such loving people in my life! God Bless you All!!!


mds said...

Really loved looking at your knitting it so makes me think of my grandmother who was a knitter well one knitted one crocheted. Thanks for sharing

Desiree said...

I'm so glad you like the alpaca!!! I thought you would like it cause it was so natural and beatiful! Have FUN spinning it!!

Josh said...

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