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Sunday, February 14, 2010

socks bookmarks and more socksand a hat

I have been doing a bit of knitting. The socks and neck scarf were made for my sister Pat's birthday(Happy Birthday Pat!) She loved them and that makes me so so happy! The fish hat was for Barbie's friend Zack's Birthday! He loved it also. The book markers were made for Valentine's day for my grand daughter Colleen. I pray she received them and loved them. I am not allowed to talk to her so I will only pray they arrived safely and her aunt allowed her to have them. I know she loves to read so I thought she would like these. OH and the other blue hat was made for Barbie! I wanted to see how it turned out as I am knitting a hat and mittens for a child in Russia who is 16 he will be set free from an Orphanage he has lived in his whole life and a group I belong to sends knit sweaters-hats-mittens-socks-scarves to these kids who go out into there world. It get 40 below 0 in the winter there so I wanted him to be warm.

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