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Monday, January 25, 2010

What I have been knitting

Lets see if I can make this look right. This is a hat I made for my friend In Tenn her birthday was the 23rd and she is such a sweet lady to me besides being one of my bestest friends! Hope you love it Nikki!
I made these scarves for my Grand daughter Cecilia and her mom and then the fingerless gloves for my son Daniel!
This is a mobis I made for my dog Angus
This hat/mobis I made for my dog Lily!
And to top that off I spun this yarn. I thought I would need it for the scarves but ended up not needing it.


Patt said...

Hey, now I'm at your latest post!! lol love your dog! and the fish hat.

yoel said...

The pink hat/sweater on your daschund is adorable!

atlaw said...

Oh the dog looks so cute with the sweater.