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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hand Made and painted by me spindle gift

Since this is a late birthday gift and Veronica is 11 I think its safe to post this picture. (Veronica is a friend of mines daugher (Nikki's daughter) She lives in Tenn. so it will be a bit before it gets there. I'm so excited to see if she likes it. From what I have been told and can see she is a sweet child who love's spinning sewing and knitting. And I for one want to encourage any youngster to do any of it. My painting skills are not the best but the colors are what she likes so I hope it pleases her! Happy Late Birthday Veronica! I had to share with everyone, thanks for looking. Yes I made the spindle.

1 comment:

my7kids said...

Veronica is going to LOVE this spindle! It looks EXACTLY like a spindle that belongs to her should. Thank YOU!