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Saturday, May 9, 2009


I know this blog is about my crafts, but this is a special post about a dear friend who went to dogie heaven yesterday. I will miss him dearly. He came into our lives when Baribe was 3 months old. Hubby was watching TV and they had a special thing by the pound showing dogs that were up for adoption. Duke was one they showcased. We went there thinking we would get a pup for our family. I didn't really want a full sized dog but as fate would have it Duke was about the only pup we could decide on. He was also 3 months old. We brought him home and here he lived through 2 little girls (My grand daughter came to live near us at that time) growing up with him, pulling his tail, and just generally being little kids playing with him. He was always gentle and never bit a one of them even if they hurt him stepped on him ect... He loved Jeremiah (my step son) and slept with him often played outside with both our boys (Jeremiah and Little Charles) I remember he would go out in the yard when the boys would play ball and run after them like he was herding them and nip at there ankles never hurting or breaking the skin, just doing what he thought was his job. When we got him we knew he may have problems as he had deformed hips, the vet said from over breading. He was full Collie and the best dog and friend I had ever had. We had to have him put to sleep yesterday as he developed intestine cancer. He was suffering and we just couldn't let that happen. So today I needed to tell the world what a great dog he was! Thank you for reading this and understanding. God Bless


my7kids said...

So sorry about your loss!

yoel said...

Oh, I am so sad for your loss. It sounds like he was a great buddy and lived and love-filled life!

sewfunky said...

So sorry for your loss... It's always hard making the decision to let pets go.

Hugs to you and your family!