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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hubby first slipper sock!

Hubby feeling sorry for my frustration not being able to make what I wanted told me, OK make me some socks that i can wear around the house to keep my feet warm with no shoes or slippers, so here is the first one done with worsted weight yarn, done on #3 knitting needles, no pattern just help from my friend Jill. Thanks so much Jill!!! Will cast on #2 sock now!!!


Deb said...

Nice job, I am envious! I hope you wrote the specs down to do the match. I think I might have some of that yarn.

atlaw said...

You rock! I knew you could do it without a pattern.

MystickLobo said...

I love it!! His feet should stay warm in those. I'm glad that you are enjoying the yarn I sent you.