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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hat and mittens complete

Nothing like a smiling child to make your knitting an accomplishment! This is a neighbor child who also is a class mate of Barbie's. I'm a little disappointed that hat came out so large but I keep forgetting how much smaller this child really is than Barbie. She didn't happen to have pony tails in but that is what the hat was made for. The mittens fit her to a T! All that matters is she is happy! And warm of coarse! She looked up at me this morning and asked if I could do butterflies on the next mittens and hat. hmmmm will have to look into that. (I have made her mittens for the past 2 yrs now

1 comment:

Rissa said...

She will grow into the hat and it is cute as can be...just like her!