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Friday, January 16, 2009

Brrrrrrrrr Barbie needs mittens

Ok now looking at the pic I see its not my very best work. Seems latley i can't do directions too well. and you can see where I attempted to weave in the tail on the cuff. uggh But that is the first glove for Barbie since it has been below Zero temps here for several days. Actually I make her wear gloves and then mittens over them or mittens and then fingerless gloves over that and she can't go out for long any way. These are from some of my homespun yarn. You will have to excuse me as you probally can tell im frustrated with my not being able to make anything. I had a pair of socks started but had to frog them because I kept messign up. Huggs and thanks for looking.


Deb said...

Very nice job! I love the color.

Desiree said...

Those are so cute! I can't read knitting patterns to save my life. I get frusterated, want to cry and toss the pattern across the room. SO I haven't figured out how to add a thumb to anything so I always make fingerless "gloves" with a while in the side for the thumb. Great job!!