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Friday, June 13, 2008

Patterns and such

I just got these home from the store. Now I will be busy sewing. YEA! For those of you who Blog do you ever wonder why. Some days i get sad as i post my heart out and then come back, looking through my post i have 0 to 1 comments for the most part. I look daily with hope and excitement. But to my dismay lately there are none. I do have to give my good friend Lisa D alot of credit as she seems to post a comment alot for me. Thanks sweetie.


Lisa said...

Awww don't let the lack of comments get you down. Sometimes people just get busy. I have been so swamped lately, I rarely even get a chance to read blogs. Good luck with your sewing! I can't wait to see them finished.

SapphyreKnitter said...

Awesome! Yup, sometimes I wonder if anyone's actually reading. Same as you, it gets discouraging after a while.

Deb said...

LOL I just figured out how to leave comments on your blog. Sorry I haven't done it sooner. You're a very talented person, and I'm glad you always show me your new creations!

Country Creations & Treasures said...

Wow! cool dresses that you made for your daughter.

I wish I could sew like you!

Country Creations & Treasures said...


This is Karen "Craftybear" from Indiana

minijaxter said...

it happens. but people read they just dont always comment.