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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another dress

Ive been looking at blogging latley and it seems im a bit boreing. LOL So im going to try to put a bit more thought into it and attempt on making things a bit more interesting. I made this little dress for a neighbors child. Her name is Mikia. She is 2, on July 5th the day before Barbie turns 8. It was one of those cut out the preprinted on fabric patterns. I did have to cut out another fabric to line it as the fabric is very thin. I love the strawberrys on it. Hope it fits her and hope to add a pic of her in it after her birthday. Was a simple one day sew, the kind I love. Now im working on a summer outfit for my great niece Olivia, who will be 1 on July 5th also. Better get busy as i have to have it there by then as I have to mail it from Indiana to Calif.

1 comment:

Rissa said...

Very cute dress. :-)