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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Friend for Barbie

Barbie requested I share this picture of her new friend across the ocean. I am friends with a fellow Blogger Sew Funky! Here is the link (you may have to cut and paste the link) http://sew-funky.blogspot.com/ Her daughter and mine are the same age and decided to become penpals (her name is Briahna) What a cutie she is. Barbie is so so excited about having a penpal in another country, I cant begin to tell you how happy she was to see this smiling picture of her new friend with her Birthday present! And we are both pleased she liked her gift. Barbie also loves Polly Pocket so we had hoped it would be ok. I have another surprise for her Mom and it should arrive soon but dont want to say what.

In other news I have been making my spindles and selling them on Etsy. I have sold a few and am happy with that so far. Gives me extra money (like there is ever any real extra LOL) To buy some supplys to craft in these tough times. God Bless and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Huggs


Desiree said...

I had pen pals when I was younger and it was so much fun! Glad Barbie is enjoying herself! : ) And glad your spindles are selling!

yoel said...

Great news about your spindles. I don't spin (I fear it would be too much fun) otherwise I would get one. Haven't heard from you in a while - post soon!

my7kids said...

Barbie and her friend are so darling!

I love your spindles! Everyone should have one, if they only look at it (but it would be a shame not to spin with it too)