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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A new cake plate, and some handmade tree ornaments

I found this lost cake plate in Goodwill. I'm sure someone broke the lid and tossed it there way hoping someone could use it. I just had to bake a cake once it came home with me! Now its 9 days before Christmas and my little 3 foot tree has no ornaments so decided to make some. Will go out to the shed today and try to attempt to dig out some of the decorations. I'm so pleased to have this little tree as my neighbor was very generous to give it to me and its prelit kind!!! I had no room for my 6 ft one and this is perfect. God Bless you neighbor!!!! Thank God for the good people in this world. I'm not in the festive mood so trying to get there with this little tree. And I promised Barbie to bake gingerbread men so will have to at lest try to get in the holiday mood. I keep reminding myself its Jesus birthday and I should be celebrating that!!! But have to remember Barbie is 8 and she still believes in Santa! Anyway back to sewing doll clothes for Christmas gifts for Barbie! Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

sewfunky said...

I LOVE the cake plate... :) That cake sure does look good to eat!