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Friday, October 3, 2008

Donut pincushion

This was so fun to make! I saw a pattern you could buy but thought I could figure it out by myself. (As most who know me know I never have money LOL) So went though my fabric and found the dark brown (choc donut) Then it was just figure out how to stuff and sew. I used invisible thread yes it was a pain but paid off! Barbie (my 8 yr old got really upset with me as she said "Mom dont show me that now I want a donut" It was pretty funny as she was really annoyed we didnt have any! So now I have to figure out what food I want to make next lmao


yoel said...

Mmmm, donut!

This is too cute!

Abigail said...

Are'nt you clever! I love and it's a low calorie treat! What more could a person want?