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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cecilia and her blanket buddie and sweater

Had to share my beautiful Grand daughter Cecilia in her sweater I made her and her blanket buddie! Isn't she adorable! Grandma is so so so so sad she has not been able to even hold her or spoil her. Sucks living so far away her being in Seattle and me being in Indiana! I will be visiting Seattle in the summer coming, So I will be able to visit Cecilia's sister Colleen and of coarse Cecilia too. Along with my oldest children Colleen, Daniel, and Brian and Cecilia's mommy Amanda of coarse! I miss and love them all so so much!


Cecilias Mommy said...

I cant wait to see you! and neither can Daniel, or the rest of the kids. It will be a fun time and I know Daniel needs you. Cecilia's sweater came out great, and her blanket buddy is just so cute. She will have them both forever.

Thanks Marion,

yoel said...

Aww, two sweet lil bunnies in one picture!